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Sleep, Awareness, Motor Vehicle Collisions, and Chiropractic Care 

In the October 31, 2019 issue of the financial-political magazine Forbes, there is a brief article recommending the reading of a book on sleep by Dr. Matthew Walker. The author of the article is John Doerr, a venture capitalist with Kleiner Perkins. Mr. Doerr prefaces his review by noting that “Leaders from the worlds of [..]

The Biomechanics of the Spine in the Treatment of Spine Pain Syndromes

The Management of Spine Pain Syndromes Through the Understanding and Treatment of the Spine as a Single Functioning Unit It is convenient to divide and discuss the human spinal column into four regions: Cervical spine (neck) Thoracic spine (middle back) Lumbar spine (low back) Pelvis (the base of the spinal column) Although this classification is [..]

Neck Manipulation Facts

In October 2016, a former model died from a stroke, and the media attributed her injury to neck manipulation. Rebuttals to this manipulation/stroke claim were a combination of both offense and defense. An edited version of one such rebuttal is presented here: Earlier this year the British Medical Journal published a study noting that medical [..]

Chiropractic and Sagittal Posture

Chiropractors are primary health care providers. This means that patients who seek chiropractic care do not need a referral from another health care provider. Patients may self-refer themselves for chiropractic assessment and treatment. The large majority (93%) of patients who initially present themselves for chiropractic care do so for the complaints of spinal pain (1). [..]

Motor Vehicle Crashes and Low Back Pain

Physical events in a gravity environment have always caused injuries. The mathematics and physics of these injuries were not formalized until the year 1687 when Sir Isaac Newton wrote the book Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy (1). In this publication, Newton details the principles of inertia. Inertia is the resistance of a physical object to [..]

The Short Leg, Levers, and Low Back Pain

Chiropractic Analysisand Management For decades, chiropractic and spinal manipulation has proven to be very effective for the management of low back pain (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17). Yet, chiropractic does not fix or improve all patients. Some patient’s problems are more complex making [..]

Chiropractic Manipulation for Migraine Headache: The Evidence Continues to Grow

The total sum of suffering caused by migraine headache is higher than any other kind of headache (1). About 38 million adults in the United States are migraine sufferers, and 91% experience migraine-associated disability (2, 3, 4). Migraine headache is often incapacitating, with considerable impact on social activities and work, and may lead to significant [..]

Spinal Manipulation and Vascular Risk Safety: The Safety Evidence Continues to Grow

Both health care providers and lay people may manipulate the spine. The health care provider group most likely to employ spinal manipulation is chiropractic. A recent (2017) in-depth analysis indicates that there are approximately 70,000 practicing chiropractors in the United States, the majority of whom use spinal manipulation in their clinical practice (1). There are [..]

Chiropractic Care for Military Patients with Spine Pain

BACKGROUND (1)Opium is from the poppy plant.The term opiates are applied to compounds that are purified directly from opium without modification, like morphine and codeine.The term opioid refers to compounds that are synthetic forms of opium, like Fentanyl. Fentanyl is the deadliest drug in America.•••••Members of our military and military veterans are plagued with musculoskeletal pain problems. In addition, for a [..]